NSC Members

Commission Members 2021-2023

Justice Lidia Stiglich

Nevada Supreme Court, Chair

Christine Jones Brady

Second Assistant Attorney General, Office of the Attorney General, Vice Chair

Senator Nicole Cannizzaro

Senator Keith Pickard


Assemblywoman Rochelle Nguyen

John Arrascada

Washoe County Public Defender

Michelle Bays

Chief, Representative of the Sheriffs' and Chiefs' Association

Elisa Cafferata

Director, Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation

Chuck Callaway

Police Director, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

Charles Daniels

Director, Nevada Department of Corrections

Christopher DeRicco

Chairman, Board of Parole Commissioners

Judge Scott Freeman

Second Judicial District Court

Christopher Hicks

District Attorney, Washoe County District Attorney

Jim Hoffman

Representative of the State Bar of Nevada

Judge Tierra Jones

Eighth Judicial District Court

Dr. Jennifer Lanterman

Gubernatorial Appointee

Thomas Lawson

Chief, Division of Parole and Probation

John McCormick

Assistant Court Administrator, Administrative Office of the Courts

Kimberly Mull

Victims' Rights Advocate

Julia Murray

Chief Deputy Public Defender

Dr. Elizabeth Neighbors

Ph.D., Division of Public and Behavioral Health

Jon Ponder

Representative, Offender Reentry

Holly Welborn

Inmate Advocate