About the Department (NDSP)

The Department of Sentencing Policy (NDSP) was established in 2019 to support and assist the Nevada Sentencing Commission (NSC) in making data-driven sentencing and corrections policy recommendations to the Legislature. The NDSP is comprised of an Executive Director and four support staff. The Executive Director leads the NDSP in fulfilling statutory duties to:

  • Assist the Commission in carrying out its powers and duties
  • Facilitate the collection of criminal justice data
  • Identify variables or sets of criminal justice data that are not collected or shared

Criminal Justice Data

The NDSP partners with criminal justice agencies and stakeholders to collect criminal justice data. The NDSP aggregates the data it collects and provides it to the Commission to assist in its recommendations. The NDSP also develops and publishes resources for the public.

All Commission reports and NDSP resources and publications can be accessed in The Hub.

Vision Statement

To be a premier partner in facilitating reliable criminal justice data and data-driven sentencing and corrections policies in Nevada.

Our Mission

Assist and support the Nevada Sentencing Commission in providing data-driven sentencing and corrections policies, and its oversight of Justice Reinvestment.

Our Philosophy

Collaborate and communicate with criminal justice agencies, stakeholders, and the public to facilitate the collection of criminal justice data.

Core Functions

The NDSP has five core functions and priorities that govern the activities and deliverables of the Department. [


The Department of Sentencing Policy and the Nevada Sentencing Commission DO NOT provide legal representation or legal assistance.